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Jonmar was given a project to transform existing small living room which would include tearing down the attached room used for storage. Overall goal for the living room was to serve as a family room as well as living room for a formal sitting area. Client hired a company to design the living room and hired jonmar to complete. Well.... Jonmar went to work with the followings in mind: dedication, safety, stay in budget, and complete it in time. Our contractors made sure the client is updated on regular basis and completely satisfied with every step of the construction. Once the construction was complete, it was time for decor.

Jonmar also helped with purchases that would fit the living room. Thinking out of the box for decor was only the beginning for this living room. From sofa to TV stand to rug, everything had to fit perfect. Our final goal was to make sure the client is absolutely satisfied with the project. Client has to feel happy and feel comfortable. After all, family has to live here, so that is why Jonmar always go above and beyond to satisfy the clients.

Project information
Project Name: Hardwood Floor
Category: Design
Task: Completely redesign the living room
Date: May 20, 2015
Client: Johnson Family

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