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When its time to redo and uplift the kitchen, and expand the living room to make it more open and attractive, Jonmar had to be very creative with the space available. Attached small room was no longer needed so that room had to be tear down to include with the living room as well. Jonmar contractors went to work and showed their proposal on how it will be best possible within the budget and get it done on time. Owners were not only impressed with the project, they wanted Jonmar to get to work right away. However, they hired a designer to look at the project design and were very satisfied once they received the excellent remarks from the designer.

So to complete this project, the cost was a major factor in getting it done. Home owners want to see the cost breakdown and could not afford to go over the budget. Jonmar not only promised the owners the total cost will be within the budget, we also had time limit. We updated the owners on regular basis to make sure they not only satisfied with every step but also the material ordered met their standards. 


⇒ Spice Cabinet     Kashmir White Granite     Microwave     Refrigerator     Dishwasher

Project information
Project Name: Kitchen & Living Room Renovation
Category: Renovation
Task: Jonmar Construction
Date: May 20, 2015
Client: Kings Studio

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